‘Conscientia’ Zine

The term ‘conscientia’ is often used in the works of Aristotle referring to knowledge of the moral self. This idea grabbed me, to truly understand oneself is surely the holy grail of knowledge, but the possibility of doing so may be out of reach. I spent 2 years learning GCSE biology, but there was always a looming paradox, my own body (brain) was learning how my body (other organs) worked, but they must already know how to work, I have been regulating myself for 19 years! If ‘knowledge’ of the moral self can only be taught to us, then what becomes of the self?

This zine explores my personal desires and how they are shaped by altering situations of culture, people, and locations, something which is only evident in retrospect. Each individual and each place sparks a new thought and mindset that is ultimately documented through the images taken. This method itself has also shifted over two years, from mirrorless digital, to full frame digital, then colour film, and finally black and white analogue in both 35mm and Polaroid formats. The pages are not shown in order as to focus on the use of ink throughout this time. Again, adding to unfinished progression of the ‘self’.